We start work by first compiling all received information.

We create a folder just for you.

We create a folder just for you.


A Project leader will introduce himself/herself to you.



You will be queued in our list of ongoing projects and assigned to the best fitting draftspeople. We will let you know when you can receive the files back. Don’t worry, we usually jump in your project in DAY 0 or DAY 1.

*Side note: It is always best to send projects before 8:00am +8 UTC. We usually sort our stuff in the morning.

(That is before going to bed for USA clients.)

We will email, we will call, ask and communicate.


Tips on how to create a working setup with us.

After everything is done, another set of eyes will take a look at the quality and correctness of the drawings. After quality check, the Project leader will have one last look and interview the drafters for any issues or concern.

It is not a question of our ability to draft. We are able and capable.

We believe it is a combined effort  for us and our clients to communicate well that makes a job a success!

We thank you for that.