is your Business Process Outsourcing provider of

high-quality, efficient and fast

Computer-Aided-Drafting (CAD), 3D rendering and BIM modeling services.


“We cater to architectural firms, architects, engineers and allied professionals who is/are starting a company, who have no permanent drafting staff, who have limited staff that cannot support existing and incoming projects, who needs professional consultation regarding production of construction documents, and/or who just wants drafting services at a fraction of the cost.”

Our Vision

“ is dedicated to become the World’s best CAD drafting services provider,

the World’s best 3D rendering services provider, and

the World’s best BIM modeling services provider.”

Our Mission

“ is committed to provide all our clients: fast, efficient & affordable Computer-Aided-Drafting (CAD), 3D rendering and BIM modeling services in conformance to their high standards.”


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