It is ruthlessly fast paced within the design and construction industry. Days pass by in the blink of an eye. Everything is a race against time, with almost every decision based on deadlines and schedule constraints. This sort of pressure is what forces innovation and thinking outside the box to get solutions — and what better way to think outside the box than to literally think of what’s outside. Hence, outsourcing. Outsourcing is defined in the dictionary as a process of obtaining goods or services from an outside or foreign supplier. In layman terms, it is simply contracting someone else to do your work for you. It is a term familiar to professionals, whether it be in construction or engineering, or even in finance and computer programming.

It isn’t really general knowledge though, that outsourcing can also be taken advantage of by anyone else other than professionals. But in truth, basically, anyone with related projects can take advantage of outsourcing. As such, let us give you best tasks for your projects that you can outsource, so you can be confident that you will finish that project in time.

REVIT® BIM services – Autodesk’s REVIT® is a software program that’s designed for BIM solutions. BIM stands for “Building Information Modeling” which is a process that involves the creation and management of information across the life cycle of a construction project. This is basically a system that will seamlessly integrate all the digitalized assets of your construction project into one basic solution. A simple example would be if you were building a house, the architect/designer can use Revit as a one-stop-shop for all your plans. From floor plans to elevations, 3D perspectives and mechanical/electrical/plumbing plans, BIM is a highly efficient process that can ultimately save you time and money through seamless integration of assets in one simple solution.

Drawing to CAD services – Sometimes the best projects can start from the simplest of ideas. Through this type of service, you can simply outsource your drawings or sketches to companies like CadAxis and they can convert it to workable, 2D or 3D plans, depending on your needs. It can be as simple as a sketch of a house that you want to see rendered with color, or as complicated as a full board construction plan. Professionals in the field can make sure that your sketches will be accurately converted to workable plans that will follow building codes and standards without sacrificing your creative vision in the process.

GIS Mapping services – a GIS, or Geographic Information System, is a system that manages spatial or geographic data. A GIS Mapping service will provide you with the geographical information you need that’s mapped into an easily readable interface. This is important for construction projects whether it be for that garden and swimming pool that you’ve always wanted or to obtain relevant data for building construction. Geographical data can include site dimensions, site topography and relative GPS information like site coordinates. This service includes easy-to-manipulate software copies or detailed, readable, hard-copy maps that can be used on-site visits and client meetings.


Whether you’re a professional in the construction industry who needs more time for other projects or you’re just someone who wants to build your dream home, outsourcing companies like CadAxis can take you one step closer to finishing that project.

We at, we provide CAD drafting services for the budding architectural and engineering firms that do not have full-time draftsman to do their bulk of work.

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