With the bulk of tasks in an Architecture or engineering firm being designated to the employees of the organization, outsourcing some of the rigorous tasks can be rewarding. The shortage of staff members or the inability to fulfill the drafting needs for your company can be solved.

Outsourcing CAD drafting tasks to a trusted and reliable service provider can save you from spending on acquiring additional in-house manpower, training, computers, equipment, software, printers, plotters, additional real estate, consumables, and even time. Moreover, efficiency and quality will not be compromised as these CAD drafting outsourcing companies are purely dedicated to their craft and to serve your interests.

Architecture and Engineering firms usually need small drafting works for house plans, interiors, and machine parts. But, hiring new professionals who are experts on executing the task is not the only solution to fulfill it, thus, outsourcing.

On the other hand, managing the tasks that you will outsource is very important. Ther

e are factors that an architectural or engineering firm should consider before outsourcing. Even though you have outsourced the tasks for you, you still have to be on top of things to ensure that the CAD service provider is doing exactly as you wanted them to.

Here are some tips on managing your CAD outsourced team:

  1. Provide a point person who will regularly coordinate with your cad service provider. This is to make sure that the specifications and expectations for the outsourced projects will be properly laid down to the cad team.
  2. Allocate time to do quality check. Assess progress submissions of the service provider. Verify that  the product meets the standards set by your company and that requirements set by your client is met.
  3. Establish a relationship. A good relationship takes time to form a bond. Invest in time and projects with your cad service provider. Always communicate and point out where you want the relationship to go. To have a perfect working relationship with your service provider will not be an overnight miracle. It will take time.
  4. Lastly, always make it a point that the CAD service provider hired are truly experienced and efficient in their craft. Have some performance indicators to guide yourself in making decisions. Create realistic goals and aim on where the relationship should be and the performance you wish the CAD service provider should achieve in a certain amount of time.


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