An addition, within the context of the construction industry, is basically an extension project for buildings and houses. Additions literally come in all shapes and sizes.  It could be a new wing to revive an old building or a new floor for an existing bungalow. And while the term may be new to most people, the concept of it isn’t. For residential neighborhoods, additions are often a sign of fruitful times for homeowners. And with corporate buildings, additions can also be considered as an indication that business is doing well. Additions can often be a good way to make any available space that you have more functional, plus they can add to the overall value of your building or home, which is always good to have.

However, with any project of this sort, there are hidden costs that can cripple your finances if you’re not careful with your budget management. Thus, in anything related to construction, big or small, it is important to consult industry professionals before pushing through with addition projects. Professionals can ensure that you won’t be getting ripped off with hidden charges and expenses, and they will ultimately save you your precious time and money.

Here are a few things that can up the cost of your addition projects:

  1. Indirect Overhead Costs – Overhead costs can be described simply as general business costs. Indirect overhead costs are those related to office and administrative operations. These costs mostly apply to big construction projects, as only the larger construction companies can handle bigger scale projects. Competent professionals in the field will always include these costs on their estimates for your project so you won’t have to deal with “bill shock” with regards to this type of hidden cost.
  2. Unforeseen Circumstances – The term maybe broad, but there is a myriad of examples that may be used for these costs. It can be as simple as a site accident, or as complicated as building permit and land ownership issues. Or maybe the original building plans may not be up to date anymore which can lead to more adjustments over time. Be ready for any of these by hiring professionals that can minimize the chances for these occurrences.
  3. Schedule Adjustments – Construction is heavily dependent on schedules and timelines. And finishing projects on time is directly proportional to cost savings. Any sort of schedule adjustment can add up to larger costs because of additional labor and overhead expenses. Meticulous planning is important with any construction project, and additions are no different. Schedule adjustment costs can be alleviated through good planning and hiring competent professionals.
  4. Construction Permits – Depending on where you live or where your project is, permits can be the bane of any construction projects. After construction plans are done, it is always good to prioritize permits as there’s nothing more frustrating and more expensive than to put construction on hold due to expired permits and trivial paperwork.
  5. Design Fees – While addition projects for homeowners can see design as an unnecessary expense, it can be considered as the most important of all the expenses. Trying to construct an addition without preliminary design plans can be akin to going to war without firearms. You can survive, but your chances won’t be that good. A good architect or designer, be it a friend or from an outsourcing company like, can translate your vision into workable, tangible construction plans that guarantee that your vision can come to life the best way possible.

Whether it’s that expansion project for your growing company or that closed garage that you’ve always wanted to add to your home, it is of utmost importance to prioritize your plans so you can save on these hidden costs. We at, we provide CAD drafting services for the budding architectural and engineering firms that do not have full-time draftsman to do their bulk of work.

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