PDF, or portable document format, is a basic file format that anyone can easily view, navigate and print in any platform. It is usually used for reading purposes and serves as a “reference” or guide. But, as accessible as it seems, a PDF file cannot be easily converted to a CAD file and you’ll find it risky to attain accurate and precise dimensions as opposed to a true CAD.

Meanwhile CAD files or computer aided design files, are basically accurate, computerized drawings that aid professionals and amateurs alike in the planning phases of any related project. It is one of the most necessary tools in any project development that involves design and construction.

Ways to Convert PDF to CAD

  1. With the release of AutoCAD 2017 drawings, it is now possible to import PDF content directly into AutoCAD drawings using the PDF Import command. The new function of this software allows you to easily access and convert the file as compared to the previous versions of AutoCAD, but it cannot guarantee a precise output.


  1. Manual Tracing, on the other hand, can result in a more accurate result as the file is redrawn from scratch and can be copied down to the last vector. Apart from its accurate result, this process could decrease the productivity of your manpower as it is very time-consuming. This should also be done by a professional so as not to lose the details of the original file.


  1. A DWG converter could be another option in order to have an editable CAD file. It is a software specifically designed to convert PDF to CAD. This kind of converter can easily be found in the market and can be very convenient if you have the resources, but with the limited options of the software’s usage there would be no precise result and must still be checked by a professional.


  1. Outsourcing – – this is the most convenient and flexible way. Outsourcing will rely on the work being done by professionals in the field, which in turn can translate to the best results. This could be more expensive, but it can be assured that you will get your money’s worth because of increased productivity and efficient workflows. An outsourcing company will provide you with high-quality results, with the process that will cater to the timeline of your company or designated project. Its services will provide you with editable CAD files to ensure high-quality output.


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