For any architect, designer, or engineer, construction and design terms are sort of a secondary language. As with any profession or hobby, it is very easy to get lost in technical jargon that is unfamiliar and intimidating to any outsider. And as it is commonplace for someone to dream of having his or her own home, it is highly likely that one will have to have an encounter with the unfamiliar language of design and construction.

The challenge that lies in the discovery and learning of anything new is daunting, and learning technical jargon is no different. So whether you’re someone on the verge of realizing a dream or just someone who wants to learn something new, is here to help. It can be intimidating and almost impossible to learn all the construction and design terms in one sitting, but to help you start, here are a few terminologies to learn so you can at least be armed against the unfamiliar world of design and construction.

Working Drawings/Blueprints

For someone starting a career in design or engineering, one of the first things to learn is just how much planning is involved in basically anything related to the industry. And with these plans come a myriad of terminologies that are too intimidating for anyone new. To simplify, most building or construction plans are called “Working Drawings” or “Blueprints.” When you hear an engineer, architect or contractor talking about these terms, they are referring to the building or design plans.

While Working Drawings and Blueprints are technically two different things, it can be summarized like this. Blueprints are working drawings, but are already in the final stage of planning, while working drawings can refer to draft/non-final plans. Not all working drawings can be called blueprints, but all blueprints can be called working drawings.’s services provide both.


Perspective drawings are called such because from a technical standpoint, they are visualizations of a certain object that are viewed from a certain perspective. It can be difficult to differentiate a one-point, two-point or bird’s eye view perspective from a newbie’s standpoint, but to summarize, perspectives are basically 3D drawings of basically anything.

A render, on the other hand, is basically the same as a perspective, but with color and lighting that aims to be photorealistic in nature. Nowadays, most perspective drawings and renders are drawn from CAD by artists, designers or engineers within the field. provides perspective drawings and renders as needed by clients for any project that it can apply to.


Bids and Quotations go hand in hand in the financial costs of a construction or design project. A bid is basically an organized offer for a deal or partnership between client and contractor, while a quotation is a document that has all the costs of a certain project.


CAD, or Computer Aided Design, is the lifeblood of the construction industry. Anyone involved in construction uses or has used CAD in any shape or form. For almost half a century, CAD has been at the forefront of innovation in the design, construction, and manufacturing industry. You can visit this article for more information on CAD’s influence in the industry. offers a number of useful CAD services that you can avail.


BIM stands for “Building Information Modeling” which is a process that involves the creation and management of information across the lifecycle of a construction project. This is basically a system that will seamlessly integrate all the digitalized assets of your construction project into one basic solution. BIM services are also offered by


Sooner or later, there will come a time in one’s life wherein he or she will be forced to do things that he or she isn’t comfortable with. Basically, anything that’s new to us is kind of daunting. So it is imperative to learn as much as we can on the different kinds of challenges that we’ll face later on in our lives. Challenges that disguise themselves in the most peculiar of ways.

Should you encounter these challenges that life throws, whether it be for design or construction, CAD or BIM, Perspective Renders or Working Drawings, there is never a better time than now to contact

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